BS Ranch​

A comfortable home away from home created by Bob Walter.
​BS Ranch
Susan Walter
PO Box 784
44099 Palo Verde St
Bouse, AZ 85325-0784

Looking for somewhere in our area to stay for the night?  Or, perhaps stay a little longer and ride in the surrounding desert and montains.  You have found the right place, at the BS Ranch in comfortable Bouse, Arizona.  Just 30 minutes east of Parker, AZ.  Also a wonderful area for motorcycling, hiking, off-roading, and just enjoying nature.
We have two round pens, six runout areas, and amenities for people.  We have spaces to set up your rig near your horses with sewer, water, and electricity.  Also, we have three washers, one dryer, and two clothes lines (all for people clothes).
Our town has a post office, 3 stores, 2 restaurants, 1 bar, a laundromat, a community center with lots of activities, a lovely county park, and miles and miles of open desert to ride.
We have many miles of road (for those of you who bring your motorcycles) and it almost never rains. 
For you off-road folks - we are on the
Peace Trail!
Call or email us for more information.
We would love to have you as our guests.
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